August 2017

Why Do Cats Urinate in the House?

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Why Do Cats Urinate in the House? There are many reasons why your cat might be peeing in the house, anything from cleanliness, change of territory and the scent of another cat. Let’s look at why cats urinate in the house and what you can do to make it stop. Making your cat stop urinating [...]

Outside the Litter Box

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Thinking Outside the (Litter)box Two weeks ago, The Animal Medical Center hosted Dr. Bonnie Beaver, an internationally recognized expert in animal behavior. The focus of her seminars was feline behavior issues and my favorite presentation was about the number one behavior problem in cats – inappropriate elimination. Dr. Beaver had some great suggestions for cat [...]

The Truth About Coconut Palm Sugar-The OTHER Side of the Story

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Do you love coconut oil? Then you should definitely be avoiding coconut palm sugar! Coconut palm sugar is the latest coconut product to gain popularity, and its place in the market is expanding rapidly. And for good reason! Coconut palm sugar is being advertised as a healthy sugar; low in the glycemic index and full [...]

Tales of a West Coast Sugar Daddy

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Sugar, sugar, sugar. Just saying the word gives me a little shiver of delight. Sugar was easy to come by at my house. Growing up there were always cakes, cookies, popsicles, fudge, brownies, pudding, soda and super sugary cereals. Sugar was a reward for being good, a pacifier to get us to be quiet or [...]

Ramp Festival

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White Top Mountain Hiking gear in tow driving down highway 58 we see pickers, dancers, vendors, and smoke rising in the sunshine from BBQ. The sign reads “RAMP FESTIVAL WHITE TOP FIRE & RESCUE.”  What is a ramp?, I’m thinking to myself. I had never heard of a ramp before and my travel partner was beside [...]

Finding Relaxation Through Hot Yoga

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Relaxation is essential to achieving one of the primary goals of yoga: peace of mind. While meditation on its own can reach the same goal, the connection between the mind and body facilitates the experience. As the body relaxes, so does the mind. Careful exercise under hot and humid conditions makes it easier for muscles [...]

Ashwagandha Herb

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Ashwagandha or Indian winter cherry is considered one of the most important herbs in ayurvedic system of medicines. As because of its vast area of application, ayurvedic physicians have used it extensively in curing people from their ailments. Due to its properties it has gained lots of respect in the eyes of herbal healers. Ashwagandha [...]

Stop Puppy Chewing

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Learning how to stop your puppy from chewing can become a difficult chore that will leave you frustrated, especially when they get a hold of your favorite pair of shoes, or they are constantly chewing on you. If you want to stop your puppy from chewing, there are a few things that you need to [...]