August 2017

Beer all about it… Hell’s Belle

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Well, well, well here we are… after all these years of enjoying beer after beer after lovely beer I’m writing my first review. I’ve had beers in what seems like every dive bar in the south east, I’ve had fresh brewed beer in small taverns in Germany, England & Canada and for the most part [...]

Nugo Dark Protein Bars

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Looking for a great high protein, low fat, low calorie snack? This might be my personal favorite at the moment- Nugo nutrition carries a whole line of bars to address any special dietary needs-and as someone who caters to people in a modern day who do not always have time to properly address their need, [...]

Raw Breakfast Crusts

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Mauk Family Farms , located in California) has developed a great “on-the-go” breakfast crisp and the very best part, its gluten-free as well as organic. Mauk Farms has been busy for 12 years in the field of certified organic grain and herbs but since being diagnosed with Celiacs disease, has made a committed choice to [...]

Appetite For Reduction

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I could review Isa Chandra Moskowitzes’ books all day long-to begin with, her collection is extensive and their content is truly creative. Its just refreshing to combine innovative vegan cooking with lower fat/calorie ideas. You will truly not miss a thing in these very tasty recipes and again, you will not scour for obscure ingredients. [...]

Vegan Yum Yum

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Strange name, amazing asian-inspired vegan cooking. Lauren Ulm’s most recent offers many “under 30 minute” recipes and interesting ideas however, the only downside being that this is perhaps not for the most “elementary” of vegan chefs. Some of the ingredients and methods of preparation are definitely more involved but in my opinion, worth the effort. [...]

Bryant Terry’s “Vegan Soul Food”

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One of my newest favorite cookbooks has become Bryant Terry’s “Vegan Soul Food” and for several reasons. I have heard great reviews from others but never any specifics. Sure, the food SOUNDS great, but soul food is notorious for taking great lengths of love-filled preparation and planning. In this day and age, I do not [...]


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Forks Over Knives ARE YOU CAUGHT UP IN A PLEASURE TRAP?? Narrator, Lee Fulkerson takes the viewer through his personal health journey of working with medical doctors Matt Lederman, M.D. and Alona Pudle, M.D. who run Transition to Health clinic. Fulkerson is faced with life threatening cholesterol and blood pressure issues from his high dairy [...]

Bug Bandit

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Why risk possible skin inflammation or worse from insecticides and manmade chemicals such as DEET when Fairy Tales Bug Bandit offers a better option? Infused with earthy, aromatic scents such as eucalyptus, lemongrass, citronella and rosemary, Bug Bandit is a non toxic, chemical and deet free alternative with undertones of cinnamon, peppermint and cedar bark. [...]