August 2017

Think Thin Protein bars

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In a day and age when sugar is so very prevalent, this product is wonderfully refreshing. This is a product that I have no trouble promoting and passing around to others as they quickly have become my favorite morning/lunch time pick-me-up. With 20 grams of protein, gluten-free, AND no sugar, they absolutely fit the bill! [...]

Eat Well Enjoy Life Hummus

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My newest favorite addiction this summer is hands down the Yellow Lentil Hummus with Apricots and Sunflower Seeds. I have never had a spread quite like this one and someone who has consumed MUCH hummus in her veggie life, its amazing! This gluten-free, cholesterol-free, cool and creamy dip is so perfect with the sweet fruity [...]

Organics and Sounds, Chef Kabui

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I ventured down the path of the Pickard Mountain Eco Institute community garden and the gazebo grounds there was a celebration of fresh foods live music and gratitude was happening for the locals and anyone who is passionate about green living. There was a group of vendors displaying raw foods, green products and community outreach. [...]

Beer All About It… Golden Ale

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I’ve enjoyed several local beers over the last few weeks, but absent-mindedly I didn’t jot down a single note about any of them… poor me, I guess I’ll just have to drink them all over again in the near future. But as for now my deadline is drawling near and I simply must get my [...]

Sinless Raw Food Chocolate

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Sinless Raw Food is an amazing North Carolina-based business (located in Swannanoa) that is a true pioneer in gourmet, raw, vegan and sugar free chocolate, what they have coined as “guilt-free indulgence”. They only thing they forgot to mention was delicious. These small but super rich bars come in all your favorite flavors and a [...]

Escazu Chocolates

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The complete bean-to-bar experience. The tagline says it all really and I could not agree more. This is hands down one of my very favorite chocolates and to find they are a local company makes them even sweeter. The flavors may initially sound exotic but do not let that deter you from this scrumptious treat. [...]

The Inspired Vegan

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I have been waiting for Bryant Terrys latest and its finally out and its easily as awesome as his Vegan Soul Kitchen. The recipes are set up a little differently, more in the design of purposeful menus with historical storylines. As to be expected, he still includes great musical suggestions and even book ideas. He [...]

King Corn

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Let me begin by saying this documentary has been one of the more enlightening films I have seen in some time and not for the reason you may think. I initially thought it would be a simple, yet eye-opening look at the all- consuming commodity of corn but ended up learning so much more. Ian [...]

Safe Shopper’s Bible

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One of the most essential guides to have on hand if you are tryin to transition to a more “mindful” lifestyle or have been living one for years. Not only do you get a very updated and timely guide to purchasing everything from personal care items to petcare and oven cleaners. There is a detailed [...]