Veganize This! by Jenn Shagrin

Veganize This! by Jenn Shagrin

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This super sassy and creative cookbook author first earned her claim to fame by being on one of my favorite shows, Reno 911, and consequently went on to create the first Vegan Twinkie that has taken the world by storm. Sold out of her very own bakery in California, you can now absolutely recreate these golden cream cakes at home. While I would recommend a more elevated level of cooking expertise for some of these dishes, I can say she does include some very approachable and easier recipes. I love her section of dressings and marinades as I feel they are the key to making average meals spectacular. You really get a idea of her natural and relaxed sense of humor throughout the book. Some of my favorites include the Quinoa Polenta and the coolest idea of Tofu Scallops. She even goes on to instruct on making your meat substitutions and vegan cheese alternatives which are more involved but really worth the effort. Most of these are not quick and easy “throw together” weekday meals but its hard not to find inspiration and great ideas for when you DO have the time. You can find many updated vegan recreations of your all-time favorites for holidays and seasonal gatherings and one of the best alternative substitution guides I have come across for vegan cooking.This book is enjoyable as well as inspiring.

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