Vegan Eats World by Terry Romero

Vegan Eats World by Terry Romero

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Terry’s newest and certainly most anticipated edition is finally out! I have always been huge fan and am STILL enjoying her “Viva Latina” on Vegan Latin cooking. You may also recognize her name as the co-author of “Veganomicon”,which I consider to be the Bible of vegan cooking.Great ideas and great recipes can only equal great results. This book is filled with worldly flavors but do not be intimidated-these recipes are all quite feasible with a base knowledge of alternative cooking. Her tofu recipes are easy enough and certainly alluring but on a personal note, her Pumpkin Churros recipe will insure you keep canned pumpkin stocked year round 🙂 As usual, she includes a very helpful natural foods “primer” in each of her books that easily explains ingredients and techniques that may be new to you. I may be slightly partial but I think this is a really worthwhile edition to any collection. My only regret is that it didn’t come earlier in the year to really savor some of the dishes for the holidays. While these concepts are a bit more “exotic’-do not be intimidated. Her teaching technique explains specific equipment to exact recipes for the spice blends. This book is tryly worth planning your next dinner party around or if you really want to step outside of the ordinary menu with exciting results. Did I mention the Pumpkin Churros?

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