Surprising Type 2 Diabetes Prevention Discovered

Surprising Type 2 Diabetes Prevention Discovered

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Controversies swirl regarding whether or not dairy is good for a person.

But recent studies looking at preventing diabetes show that it’s not the whole dairy group that is important; rather, what kind of dairy food you are consuming that makes the difference.

A study published in the Journal of Clinical Nutrition recently showed that people who eat cheese have a 12% lower likelihood of developing diabetes than those who don’t eat it.

Additionally, people who ate yogurt and other fermented milk products showed a similar trend.

However, dairy consumption as an overall factor didn’t seem to play a part (other studies have indicated that diary in general is harmful for diabetes).

That leads experts to look at which kinds of dairy products are helpful, and which ones balance the scale the wrong way by being harmful.

The study, conducted at the Oxford school of medical study in the UK looked at the diets and health indicators of tens of thousands of study participants.

They classified “cheese eaters” as those who ate an average of roughly 2 slices or more per day, and “non-cheese eaters” as those who ate less than 11 grams.

Studies are ongoing, as there were regional differences across Europe as to which countries showed the biggest benefits to eating cheese, yogurt, and other fermented milk products.

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