Hail Merry Products

Hail Merry Products

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I think I have yet to find anyone who hasn’t tried Hail Merry’s products who hasn’t fallen in love on the spot. They have a very exciting line if tarts, nuts and macaroons that are not only raw, but vegan and gluten-free,Sure they aren’t the first company to do just this but the are the first to do it so well. They have developed a line of great convenience items that nourish as well as satisfy. They are perfectly sweetened and seasoned and are a wonderful addition to moving to a greener and more mindful diet, I love the lemon tart and chocolate-mint tart myself and have gone on to make them myself with great success. The website is really nice and offers so much great information as well as recipes galore.They have won countless food show awards and its not hard to see why. The coconut oil base, with its healthy lauric acid, makes taking care of your immune system easy AND delicious. *Highly Recommend *

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