Cookouts Veggie Style! by Jolinda Hackett

Cookouts Veggie Style! by Jolinda Hackett

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This is a GREAT summer cookbook for outdoor veggie dishes. Awesome side dishes that are not just different for the sake of being different but are truly complimentary accompaniments. Jalepeno Mango skewars, anyone? garlicky grilled cauliflower? Basil buttered corn? Grill roasted sunchokes? These sides are only made better by the entree options of Kentucky bourbon tofu, or Mojito marinated tofu to maple Jack Seitan and chipolte bean burgers. The index is mouth watering in itself and goes on to include salads like grilled vegetable tabouli, honey mustard beets, lemon quinoa, and Caribbean pineapple- clove skewers. I really enjoyed the grilled apple pizza and tasty cardamom naan bread that grills to a smoky crisp texture. Go beyond the classic potato side ( although cheesy-cheddar sweet potatos are incredible) and try these simple and enticing treats at your next barbeque. These will surely become your NEW standard cookout recipes ūüôā

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