Beer All About It… Big Boss Line Up

Beer All About It… Big Boss Line Up

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In August I went to hang with a gathering of friends at Big Boss Brewery with the intention of reviewing the Boss line up. I had a blast, I really liked the bar itself & I had a good time meeting new people & trying out some quality brews. I took some great notes… well, I did at first but as the night wore on & the samples kept coming my notes became a little less coherent. Oh well I’m pretty sure I have the right review with the right beer, so here we go.

Harvest Time (seasonal September – October) brewed with pumpkin and spice you get the pumpkin right up front & the spice comes after to finish nicely. It’s got a good full bodied flavor without being overwhelming. Overall I thought it was pretty good, however everyone else seemed to absolutely love it. So, put it on your to drink list for next year and give it a shot.

Night Knight (Black IPA) I liked all the beers I had, but this was my absolute favorite. It is very smooth it is loaded with flavor and of course it is dark but there was no over the top bitter after taste. All in all I thought it was absolutely perfect. Unfortunately it was the second beer I tried which made it almost impossible to not compare it to all those that followed. Even worse this isn’t in the Big Boss year round line up. Cruel fate how could this be?? If they ever start brewing it year round it will easily make it into my personal line up.highroller
High Roller (American Style IPA) brewed w/ American hops and balanced with pale and caramel malts this beer is smooth with nice spice, full bodied with no after taste. It is really good, but maybe because it followed the aforementioned Night Knight it fail a bit flat overall. I think I will have to try this one again down the road. If my opinion changes I’ll edit this post.

Blanco Diablo (Wit Ale) a traditional ale brewed with orange peels and fermented with Belgian wit yeast. Great beer here it has a nice tight flavor, very clean through and through. A bit understated for my taste but a fine choice when you’re in the mood for something smooth and uber refreshing.

Angry Angel (German Style Ale) ok admittedly at this point of the night my notes began to get a bit sketchy. However this is a solid beer in my opinion a real blue collar, joe six beer. I think most beer drinkers could knock back a few of these. If you don’t really care for heavy beers, give this one a try. If you don’t like Angry Angel Big Boss might not be for you.

badpennyI sampled 3 more beers, Hell’s Belle which I reviewed earlier (check that out here). Bad Penny & Sack Time. I enjoyed both in fact, for Bad Penny I noted that I would like to sit down for several… okay not much of a review there. Even less detailed my notes for Sack Time were: “I don’t even know it’s good, drink it bitch”. So lesson learned, reviewing 2 or 3 at a time is probably the limit. At any rate, I had a great time and look forward to going back to re-review Bad Penny & Sack Time in the future. Until then drink well my friends & please feel free to suggest local beers you think I should try.

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