Bean by Bean by Crescent Dragonwagon

Bean by Bean by Crescent Dragonwagon

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Despite its specific and somewhat un-alluring name, this may be one of my very favorite selections of the year. This book has it all, clear and concise directions, great graphics, and truly tasty recipes. While this book is not literally distinctly vegan or even vegetarian, it has many recipes that are indeed veggie based or easily adaptable. There is something here for everybody from bacon lovers to tofu worshipers. The broad, worldly fair is enhanced by a common denominator, the greatest respect for the lowly bean. Even I was surprised by the vast collection of global recipes and loved the stories and notes behind each recipe. One of MY favorite traits and I love this about any instructional book is the many options and variations it includes with each recipe. You may not always like every ingredient or your diet may prohibit certain items but it absolutely covers that by such interesting ideas.I am a Lentil lover and there were several new ideas to even me in this book-I rarely pick it up without learning something new. The catagories are almost too many to list but from Greek to Tunisian to Southwestern…you can not go wrong. If you were curious about desserts, rest assured they have got that covered and they are as awesome as the sumptuous entrees and soups and salads.Lets face it, we know they are good for us but do they occur to you when you are trying to think of a super tasty and satisfying meal? I know I don’t-or at least I didn’t,and this book has helped to change that idea. At a time when we are all trying to change to healthier ways, let this book help in a very yummy way.

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