Beer all about it… Hell’s Belle

Beer all about it… Hell’s Belle

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Well, well, well here we are… after all these years of enjoying beer after beer after lovely beer I’m writing my first review. I’ve had beers in what seems like every dive bar in the south east, I’ve had fresh brewed beer in small taverns in Germany, England & Canada and for the most part I’ve had a blast along the way. I also have a decent amount of Irish blood coursing through my veins. So I guess I’m saying I was born for this gig. Obviously great beer is made all over the world & I suggest you try as much as you can. However, I primarily if not entirely will be reviewing local North Carolina beers. Because 1. we here at the DevoutSprout support local businesses, 2. I love micro brewed beer and 3. hopefully I can get a free beer or two out of it. Anyway, enough about me lets get to the beer.
Up first we have Hell’s Belle
Brewer: Big Boss Brewery
Location: Raleigh NC.
Here’s their description:

“HELL’S BELLE is a subtle but complex ale that is meant to be a showcase for our favorite Belgian yeast and beautiful Belgian malts. These elements produce a clean, spicy citrus finish. Hell’s Belle remains light and refreshing but still packs a 7% finish. ABV 7.0% / IBU 30. Enjoy with creamy pasta dishes, spicy foods like Indian & Thai dishes.”

My friends this is a pretty accurate description, I found it flavorful without being overbearing & while I wouldn’t describe the finish as “spicy citrus” it most definitely is clean and refreshing. And though this is an excellent example of a flavorful beer without a brutish aftertaste, this is not a beer for the meek. Instead as the name implies, the haunting beauty luring you from the inside of this bottle has a deceptively devious undertone… namely that 7% alcohol that will come seemingly out of nowhere to drop you on your ass. Back in the day this combination of great flavor & bare knuckled punch would have had this little number in my regular rotation. But as I am apparently now a light weight, I will enjoy this beauty from a far & occasionally in small amounts. But if you my friends think you have the salt for it, I highly recommend giving Hell’s Belle a go… just keep an eye out for the devil lurking below.
[xrr rating=4.25/5]

I can’t wait to sample Big Boss’ full arsenal but next month I’m checking out Durham’s own Full Steam, until then bottoms up.

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